Become a Member-Owner

Anyone over the age of 16 can apply for a Slocan Valley Co-op membership and to become a member-owner for a one time investment of only $25.00.  To gain the most one becomes a Slocan Valley Co-op member-owner upon approval of membership by the Slocan Valley Co-op Board of Directors. The new member-owners are encouraged to support Slocan Valley Co-op by their purchases, in return this helps Slocan Valley Co-op to become a vital business and contributor to the communities in which we operate.

Membership Rewards
Other loyalty programs involve points or gimmicks to get you to buy from them. At Co-op, we have no gimmicks.  As an owner, you get a share of the profits every single year. The more you support your Co-op with your every-day purchases, the more equity and cash you could receive!  Unlike travel rewards points, your equity account will never expire, but will only keep growing, year after year!

Your Equity is an Investment
The growth of the Co-op depends upon the support of its member-owners and the equity they build in the Co-op.  Each member’s equity remains with the Co-op under the Lifetime Membership Benefits Program, but an application for equity payout can be performed based on the following criteria*:

- Upon reaching the age of 65 for a Senior’s Redemption
- Upon moving from the trading region of the Co-op
- Upon the death of the members or dissolution of the business

(* - per the bylaws of the Slocan Valley Co-operative Association, as approved by the membership)

Please contact Administration for more information.

Click here - to download the application for membership form.  Complete the form in full and upon payment of member equity of $25.00 the application will be reviewed by the Board of Directors on their next, scheduled meeting.