Workplace Covid-19 Practices

As of July 1st, the Provincial mask mandate has concluded. The Slocan Valley Co-op does not require its guests to wear masks at this time. Please read further regarding our Covid-19 precautions.

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Member's Giving Program

Announcing our new Member's Giving Program which will provide direct benefits to community organizations in our region.

Just by doing business with us, our members will be able to contribute directly to local non-profit groups and organizations of their choosing with a yearly cash benefit from our annual equity and cash back program.

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63rd Annual General Meeting

The Slocan Valley Co-operative held our 63rd Annual General Meeting for the 2020 Operating Year on Sunday, March 28th, 2021 online via Zoom Webinar. You will find links to the reports provided by the Board of Directors, General Manager, as well as the Audited Financial Statement.




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Earn Savings through the Castlegar Cardlock

The Slocan Valley Co-op has competitive rates on fuel for commercial clients and fleet operators through its brand new Cardlock in Castlegar.  PLUS Member Rewards with Annual Co-op Equity and Cash Back!

Our members are the owners of the Co-op.  They benefit from doing business with their Co-op by receiving annual equity and cash as a percentage of their purchases.  To learn more about how your business can save money, and earn equity & cash back every year, contact us at 250-226-7433 to speak with a representative in our Castlegar Bulk Petroleum Department for more details.

You can open a Co-op Cardlock Account with just 3 easy steps:

1) Application for Credit Account & Agreement - Read and complete a credit application & agreement form.

2) Application for Cardlock Card - Fill out the Cardlock Application and Cardlock User Agreement Form.

If you require access to Dyed (Coloured or Marked) Fuel, the Government of British Columbia requires a declaration of use for dyed fuel products on what is referred to as their Coloured Fuel Certification Form - FIN430.

Coloured Fuel Certification - FIN430 - This form must be completed and is kept on file at our office for BC Ministry Audit purposes.

3)  If credit is approved, all that remains is to become a Member Owner. 

Anyone over the age of 16 can apply for a Slocan Valley Co-op membership to become a member-owner for a one time investment of only $25.00 - which is your new equity balance as a member-owner of the Slocan Valley Co-operative!

Membership Brochure & Application - Send your payment with the completed Member Application Form.

Your card(s) will be ordered and should be received within two weeks from the date of credit approval.

After that, we'll give you the necessary information to get you started with your Lifetime Membership Benefits, all for simply buying your fuel from your Co-op!

Castlegar Petroleum Brochure - Learn more about our Castlegar Petroleum Department with our brochure

Directions to the Castlegar Cardlock  - Directions to the Castlegar Cardlock

Co-op For Kids

The Slocan Valley Co-operative, through its Co-op for Kids program, recently made a new contribution to the Slocan Valley Recreation Commission through its bulletin board fundraising initiative.  

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Legendary Service Experience

Good things are happening every day.

At times, we might receive a request that goes a little outside the norm; however, we like to think we can do what ever it takes to make people happy.  One such example comes from feedback we received from a customer.  It is one of those perfect customer service experiences when we feel so proud of our staff.  We'll let the following message we received from the customer do the talking:

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