Mask Wearing Mandate

The Slocan Valley Co-op is observing the Provincial mask-wearing mandate announced November 19th for all public and retail spaces.

With the November 19th update by the BC Health Authority identifying the mandate for mask-wearing in businesses, the Slocan Valley Co-op has updated the COVID-19 safety precautions in its operations.



All employees, vendors, and customers are required to wear an appropriate mask in order to enter and receive service at our Co-op facilities. All guests entering our facilities will be expected to be equiped with their own mask in order to receive service. We otherwise have disposable masks available for $1 each (+GST). 

It is outlined on the Province-wide order that mask exemptions exist for people with health conditions who cannot wear one; people who cannot remove a mask on their own; and children under the age of 12. It is advised that guests with a medical exemption have a document provided by their physician indicating such an exemption. Whether at the Co-op, or elsewhere, you may be asked to produce one. Such a document does not need to identify a personal diagnosis, only that the individual has a medical condition that prevents them from wearing a mask. It is not illegal for a place of business to ask for such a document, as this would be the same practice that exists between employers and employees.

Upon request, we can also arrange special call-in orders with a minimum value for curb-side pickup on select days for individuals whom are medically unable to wear a mask in our facilities; however, we are not permitted to sell age-restricted products like lottery, tobacco or liqour in this manner.

We are expected to observe the Provincial Health mandate until further notice, and we thank everyone for their co-operation.

See the following links for additional information:

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