2020 Annual General Meeting

The Slocan Valley Co-operative held our 62nd Annual General Meeting for the 2019 Operating Year on Sunday, September 20th, 2020 online via Zoom Webinar. You will find links to the reports provided by the Board of Directors, General Manager, as well as the Audited Financial Statement.

The unofficial minutes of the Annual General Meeting will be made available, once they are complete.  Click the links below to download a copy of the AGM reports:

President's Report - President's Report as presented by President of the Board, Derek Murphy

General Manager's Report - General Manager's Report as presented by Chris Sapriken

Sustainability Report - Sustainability Report as presented by Chris Sapriken

Annual Financial Report - 2019 - Annual Financial Report - 2019

Approved Special Resolution - Approved Special Resolution

A hard copy of the Financial Report is available at the Administration Office in Slocan Park - 3024 Hwy 6.