Legendary Service Experience

Good things are happening every day.

At times, we might receive a request that goes a little outside the norm; however, we like to think we can do what ever it takes to make people happy.  One such example comes from feedback we received from a customer.  It is one of those perfect customer service experiences when we feel so proud of our staff.  We'll let the following message we received from the customer do the talking:

December 21, 2014

"To the Manager of Slocan Valley Co-op (Chris Sapriken):

I would like to congratulate your organization on your good fortune to employ a dedicated, community-minded, and customer service focused individual.

In the past week I have phoned Slocan Valley Co-op three times and have communicated with Delaine Hird. She was friendly from the very first request that I had. Delaine displayed an enthusiasm for assisting me in my desire to present a gift basket to a family member that lives in the Slocan Valley. Even though I was calling from Vancouver, which is definitely out of your community, Delaine instantly put me at ease, made suggestions for the selection of products, and gave me the feeling that we were working together to create a gift.

The pleasure that this gift basket brought to my family members was sincerely expressed by themselves and is truly appreciated by me. Taking into account that this is a busy time of the year and that I could not physically be in your store to choose a gift, I am very grateful for Delaine's warmth and helpfulness.

I wish the Co-op, its board of directors, management and staff a blessed Christmas season.
Warm regards,

Patsy Chernenkoff"

We thank Patsy for her great feedback.  I was excited to share this message with Delaine which brightened her morning.  I am so proud of her and every one of our staff for their excellent service and dedication to each and every one of our customers and member-owners.  It's one of the biggest reasons why I love to work here.

Chris Sapriken

General Manager